Upcoming Milestones

For next season 2015/16

C.Day - 1 six for 100
M.Gamble - 4 games for 100
S.Haworth - 83 runs for 3,000
C.Holland - 1 game for Top 10
D.Lander - 198 runs for 2,000
S.Lockie - 8 games for 100
D.Mooney - 7 1s games for most
D.Mooney - 200s 1s runs for most
J.Prangley - 9 games for 200
T.Rees - 2 games for 100
J.Sherriff - 24 wickets for 200
S.Smead - 194 runs for 4,000
S.Warr - 3 games for 200
G.Warren - 7 games for 100
G.Warren - 104 runs for 2,000
L.Warren - 13 wickets for 100
Updated: 1/4/2015

WCC Stats Guru

How many wickets have I taken against Kilsyth?
What's my batting average at Montrose Reserve?
Am I better in 2nd digs?
Should I bat first or second?
Should I just play one dayers?
Do I perform better as captain?

Well stop nagging Mystery, and download the all new WCC Stats Guru and find out yourself!

All info is current, and includes the 2014/15 season, and now with a new "Awards' page to see your personal highlights.

Download WCC Stats Guru.xlsx (23mb)
Updated: 1/4/2015
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The full list of all players you have played with, along with batting partnerships can be found in a pdf file by clicking here

Updated: 1/4/2014

WCC Pocket Bible

  All statistics have been updated
  to include the 2014/15 season.

  Download the Pocket Bible.
  Full of club records and
  information at your fingertips.

1st XI break premiership drought

After 4 successive grand final defeats in 1993/94, 2003/04, 2009/10 & 2010/11, Warrandyte's 1st XI have won their 10th premiership, and first since 1983/84, with a tense & nail biting 1 run win over Kilsyth.
With scores tied and Warrandyte 9 wickets down in pursuit of 180, a wide was bowled to secure victory, and Luke Killey was run out while celebrating with not out batsman Dave Mooney. An amazing end to a thrilling & see-sawing contest.
The victory finally sees us promoted back to the RDCA's top grade again, after we were forced to relegate ourselves following the 2000/01 season.

Check out the Home>News page for a complete list of winners from our 2014/15 senior presentation night.

Stats Updated

  All stats have been updated to include the record breaking 2014/15 season.

  - Highest team score - 9/584 by the 4th XI
  - Highest batsmans score - 212 by Cammy Day
  - 4th most points in a season - 1190 by Jake Sherriff

  Click image to download the 2015/16 Pocket Bible.

Team App

  The Warrandyte Cricket Club now has its own app!

  Simple and easy to use, you can keep in the loop with club events, news, live scores
  from other games, and much more.

  Installing is easy:
  - On your phone, head to your app store, search for 'Team App' and install.
  - Follow the steps to sign up.
  - Once you've set up your account, click + and search for 'Warrandyte Cricket Club'
     and select it.
  - Then click 'Settings' and choose 'Install WCC app on your home screen' and BANG,
     you've got a WCC app on your mobile.

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