New Players Welcome

Since the Warrandyte Cricket Club started in 1855, it has prided itself on nurturing & developing local talent in the area from juniors through to seniors, and even to veterans, while also welcoming anyone wishing to join this great club from near or afar.

Whether your goals are to be the best you can be or just for the enjoyment factor, the club offers a competitive environment to improve your skills in the higher grades, and a fantastic family and friendly atmosphere where the name of the game is a good time in the lower grades.

From young to old, in season 2014/15 we have the following teams:
Milo in2Cricket, Under 10's & Under 12's (all Friday afternoons), Under 14's & Under 16's (Saturday mornings), 5 seniors sides (Saturday afternoons), two Over 40's, Over 50's and Over 60's (all Sunday afternoons).

See our 'Contacts' page for match and training times, and contact your relevant coordinator for more info.

Upcoming Milestones

Next season 2014/15

N.Aly - 7 games for 100
Clam - 6 games for Top 10
Gids - 7 wickets for 300
Dirt - 123 runs for 5,000
Stu - 96 runs for 3,000
Chair - 27 wickets for 400
Kliney - 173 runs for 7,000
Kliney - 3 wickets for 100
Sexy - 8 catches for 100
A-Mac - 11 games for 100
Dave - 10 games for 300
Jake - 2 games for 100
Whitey - 183 runs for most in the 1's
Rob - 180 runs for 10,000 (career)
Updated: 1/4/2014

WCC Stats Guru

How many wickets have I taken against Kilsyth?
What's my batting average at Montrose Reserve?
Am I better in 2nd digs?
Should I bat first or second?
Should I just play one dayers?
Do I perform better as captain?

Well stop nagging Mystery, and download the all new WCC Stats Guru and find out yourself!

All info is current, and includes the 2013/14 season, and now with a new "Awards' page to see your personal highlights.

Download WCC Stats Guru.xlsx (22mb)
Updated: 1/4/2014
(if file opens in google docs, click the down arrow and open in excel)


The full list of all players you have played with, along with batting partnerships can be found in a pdf file by clicking here

Updated: 1/4/2014

WCC Pocket Bible

  All statistics have been updated
  to include the 2013/14 season.

  Download the new Pocket Bible.
  Full of club records and
  information at your fingertips.

Sponsorship Packages

Warrandyte Cricket Club is seeking your support by way of sponsorship of our junior, senior and veteran cricket club over the 2014/15 cricket season.
We would like to provide you with an opportunity to sponsor our club and enable you to be part of our cricket club community.

Various packages are on offer to suit your needs, so download our Sponsorship Package PDF for all the info!

2014/15 Pre-Season Dates

Season 2014/15 is still a few months away, but here are some important upcoming dates to remember: 

Saturday 2, 9, 23 10:30-11:30am Pre-Season Fitness
Tuesday 5 8:00-9:00pm Indoor Training (weekly until 23/9)
Saturday 16 9:00-12:00pm Junior Registration Day
Sunday 17 9:00-12:00pm Player Registration Day – Sausage Sizzle
Saturday 16 & 30 10:00-11:00am Pre-Season Fielding
Saturday 23 1:00pm EFL Finals Gathering
Sunday 31 10:00-2:00pm Pre-Season Golf Day
Saturday 6 & 13 10:30-12.00pm Outdoor Training
Sunday 14 9:00-12:00pm Player Registration Day – Sausage Sizzle
Saturday 13 1:00-6:00pm Player Get Together
Sun/Sat 14 & 20 1:00-6:00pm Practice Matches
Thursday 18 5:30-7.00pm Outdoor Training (then every Tues/Thurs)
Thursday 2 7:30pm Season Launch
Saturday 4 1:00pm Round 1

A newsletter will be sent to all members next week, and all season dates are at HOME > EVENTS


Congratulations to the 2nd XI on winning the 2013/14 A-Grade premiership.
Ben McMellan was the star with 53no, sharing an unbeaten 34 run stand with Luke Killey (2no from 38 balls) to get over the line in the final over of the game!

Back: Luke Warren, Ryan Pascoe, Justin Cleaves, Cam Day, Blake Morgan, Hayden Miles, Dale Lander, Luke Killey, Ben McMellan. Front: Brenton Styles, Matthew Gamble.

U14 Grand Finalists

Congratulations to the under 14 boys on a fantastic season, making it to the grand final, and just falling short against Ainslie Park.

0-50 2013/14 Premiers

Congrats to the over 50s, beating Nth Balwyn by 22 runs on the Thunderdome on Feb 23.

Team App

  The Warrandyte Cricket Club now has its own app!

  Simple and easy to use, you can keep in the loop with club events, news, live scores
  from other games, and much more.

  Installing is easy:
  - On your phone, head to your app store, search for 'Team App' and install.
  - Follow the steps to sign up.
  - Once you've set up your account, click + and search for 'Warrandyte Cricket Club'
     and select it.
  - Then click 'Settings' and choose 'Install WCC app on your home screen' and BANG,
     you've got a WCC app on your mobile.

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